Specialty pigment preparations for coatings and thick-film systems

Tailor-made coating solutions for paint and floor coating formulators

Coating solutions whatever the color

Heubach produces a range of specialty pigments for use in coatings and thick-film systems. These pre-dispersed pigment preparations are ready-to-use and cover the entire spectrum of colors. All grades of pigment exhibit universal processing characteristics and can easily be dispersed in solvent-free EP, PU and PMMA systems. Batch-to-batch consistency is excellent, with the system making on-site mixing easy.

Floor coatings made easy

In order to resolve problems often encountered in polymer floor coatings, Heubach’s tailor-made coating solutions are produced using a combination of intensive mixing and grinding called mixed mulling. This unique finishing technology helps the pigment surfaces to interlock, thus minimizing the impact of separation, floating and flooding while the polymer film is being formed.

Pigment preparations that fit the bill

Designed for exterior use, all Heubach tailor-made coating solutions exhibit excellent light and weather fastness as well as enhanced resistance to solvents, acids and alkalis. The wide variety of pigments and pastes available enable formulators to match almost any shade of color on the market at relatively low formulation costs.

Heubach's Tailor-made coating solutions

The right pigment for your application.