Pigments and pigment preparations for the plastic industry

High-performance organic and inorganic color solutions for plastic producers and compounders

A broad portfolio of plastic pigments

Heubach provides an extensive range of high-performance organic and inorganic pigments to the plastics industry. These include plastic colorants as well as masterbatch polymer granulates. Possessing extensive expertise in the area, Heubach not only produces pigment preparations for a vast range of polymers but also prides itself on working closely with customers in order to provide solutions that exactly meet their coloration needs.

Consistent quality for the plastics industry

Ideally suited to a range of applications, including PVC pipes, window profiles, vinyl siding, gutters and profiles, Heubach plastic colorants guarantee maximum color strength, stability and low coloring costs. Plastics producers and compounders will find Heubach colorants are tailored to their needs and provide streak-free coloring on injection moulding machines, counter-rotating twin screw extruders and mixer dosing applications.

PVC coloration that keeps it clean 

At the core of Heubach’s plastics range are its HEUCOBATCH™ and HEUCOPLAST™ preparations. HEUCOBATCH™ is a uniform micro-granulate that is completely dust free and exhibits excellent free-flowing properties. It can be dosed easily even when using very small quantities, making it a clean solution even where frequent colour changes are involved. HEUCOPLAST™ is a powdered colorant that provides good flowability and, because it tends not to dust, is easy to dose and handle.

Heubach products for plastics

The right pigment for your application