Colorants and tinting systems for POS and in-plant applications

Pigment preparations and pastes backed by 200 years of expertise and innovation

Every color imaginable in a single system

Comprising both organic and inorganic pigments, the Heubach colorant product lines and tinting systems provide the full spectrum of colors in uncompromising quality. Opacity, light and weather fastness, shade, accuracy, reproducibility, strength and rheological properties are all guaranteed by Heubach’s high product development and production standards.

Compatible concentrates and pastes

Heubach offers a wide range of pigment concentrates and pastes for in-plant and POS applications. Providing full compatibility with market leading systems, these dispersions comprise the HEUCOTINT™ and AQUIS™ ranges of pigment concentrates, which include solutions for water as well as solvent based paints.

Tinting systems that tick the right boxes

Heubach’s tailored tinting systems offer everything required for trouble-free in-plant tinting and paint preparation at the point-of-sale including a full range of pigment pastes, paint mixing machines, colour metrics and consultancy on equipment such as software and dispensers. Complete freedom and peace of mind are provided by easy access to Heubach expertise and technical support.

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Heubach's colorants and tinting systems

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